Services And Extras

Aerial Video/Photo

For the couples that need an extra "spice" on their wedding and want their special day to be extra special.

We are using the latest model of Dji Mavic 2 with the best 4K camera in the market up to date.

* Can be booked as Extra in your Package.

Crane for the Dancing Floor

A solution for crowded dance floors. For people who need their party video to be undisrupted.

* Can be booked as Extra in your Package.


We take the quality of our images seriously, thus we use only the latest Professional Full Frame Canon Cameras with the best Lenses to capture your moments.

* Included in all packages

Professional Rendering

We give special treatment to our videos, we are use the latest Hollywood software for movie editing. We use the latest DaVinci Resolve.

* Included in all packages

Using Format